Comic-Con 2013: Hyundai’s Zombie Retaliation Team Livens Up the Streets of San Diego

Comic-Con zombie street team

Zombies, zombies, everywhere you looked around Comic-Con last weekend…zombies.

With "The Walking Dead" one of the hottest properties on the planet right now, it probably shouldn't have taken anyone by surprise that in addition to capes and spandex, San Diego was absolutely infested last weekend by the undead.

Hyundai apparently knows the power of a good snarling, decomposing, gore-encrusted walker.  The car maker hosted "The Walking Dead" 10th anniversary party Friday night, celebrating a decade since the first issue of creator Robert Kirkman's comic opus hit retail shelves.

They also teamed up with Kirkman on the new Walking Dead Chop Shop website and app, which allows you to craft your own tricked-out, zombie-killing automobile.

And what better place than Comic-Con to get the word out to the fans most ravenous for new zombified experiences?

But Hyundai went one better — to help promote the app, dozens of Comic-Con attendees on the streets outside the Convention Center got to meet (translation: were nearly eaten by) a chained-up brain-chomper, all part of a "Zombie Retaliation Team" presentation on the dangers of the undead.

While the zombie's "captors" held signs ("The Undead Want You Dead") and weapons (barbed wire-covered baseball bats), the zombie would unexpected lunge at any passers by who either weren't paying attention or just thought it would be a Comic-Con hoot to engage a zombie.

It doesn't appear the walker actually got his teeth into any unsuspecting show guests, but c'mon — it's a zombie!  You get close enough that one can get a hand on you —  especially one with a chain around its neck — and that's kinda on you.

Photo courtesy CinemaBlend