Comic-Con 2013: Interview With ‘Black Sails’ Creators Jon Steinberg & Robert Levine

Black Sails Creators

At Comic-Con International, STARZ unveiled the entire pilot episode of “Black Sails,” a new pirate series that mixes characters from Robert Lewis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” with famous historical pirates.

CraveOnline’s Erin Darling cornered Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine, the creators of “Black Sails” to talk about their inspiration for the show, how the pirates in “Black Sails” differ from the pirates in popular culture and they share the most surprising thing they discovered about pirates while doing research for the show.

Steinberg and Levine also expand upon the absence of heroes and villains in their show and why the series is set 20 years before “Treasure Island” before telling us about the reaction they got at Comic-con.




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