Space Announces New Series Joe Rogan Questions Everything

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is taking a break from grappling and his gig hosting UFC to try his hand at the new Space series "Joe Rogan Questions Everything," premiering in July.

After exploring these mysteries for years on his popular podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan now takes his inquisitive nature on the road, crisscrossing America and knocking on any door necessary to uncover the truth behind “hush-hush” and bizarre beliefs that have obsessed portions of the public for generations. In each of the six, one-hour episodes, Rogan puts his life on the line as he goes beyond the limits to look for the truth behind some of the biggest myths, including the legend of Bigfoot, the afterlife, psychic soldiers, and of course, aliens. Rogan also investigates killer man-made viruses, and examines the underbelly of robot revolution and cyborgs.

In the premiere episode, airing on July 24th at 10pm, Rogan’s lifelong quest to find Bigfoot sends him crashing through forests in the Pacific Northwest. He speaks with eyewitnesses who claim to live with the Sasquatch, and a former military man who can decipher strange audio recordings theorized to be Bigfoot.

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Photo: Joe Rogan