Puppeteer Grabs Hollywood Talent to Compose Epic Number of Tracks


Upcoming PS3 exclusive Puppeteer may not immediately spring to mind when you think of blockbusters this year, but the game is set to receive some major backing from the award winning composer Patrick Doyle. He's best known for countless Hollywood soundtracks, including Brave, Thor, Harry Potter, Jack Ryan, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Amazingly, Doyle has created a whopping 70 different tracks for Puppeteer.

Gavin Moore, creative director of Japan Studios and the writer/director of Puppeteer, told PSLS in an interview:

The music in the game is written by Patrick Doyle. Patrick was the theatrical director for The Royal Shakespeare Company – he also writes a lot of movie soundtracks, from Carlito’s Way to Harry Potter. And he wrote 70 tracks for Puppeteer, because variation is everything. And then he came to me and said Gavin, I want to do the musical version, and I said “Patrick, if you want to do the musical version, go ahead. You can produce it and direct it, I’m not getting involved. [Laughs]

Puppeteer has already received positive attention for its delightful imagery, and it appears that it'll have the full presentation to bring its artificial world to life. On September 10th you can experience all 70 musical tracks for yourself.

You can read the rest of PSLS' interview to get an idea of what to expect from the upcoming PS3 game.