Build the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Ride at Walking Dead Chop Shop

Walking Dead

If you needed to outfit the perfect car to help you survive the zombie apocalypse, you probably wouldn't waste much time with the standard stuff.  Airbags, a sunroof and that God forsaken undercoating wouldn't even get a sideways glance in that case.  No, you'd be thinking more along the lines of a sturdy blowtorch to keep the undead at bay.  Or a battering ram on the front grill to push your way through a rampaging herd.  Or maybe a nitro fuel system to just shoot you out of danger before a confused walker even knew you were there.

Now, Hyundai and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman have teamed up on the Walking Dead Chop Shop contest and app that lets you assemble the most awesome rolling zombie protection/attack vehicle ever designed.

When you go to, you'll chose to build from one of three base model vehicles: the Veloster Turbo, Elantra and Sante Fe.  From there, let the imagination go crazy.  With a limited cache of points, you can start customizing the zombie apocalypse transportation of your dreams.  And when you run out of points (because let's face it, extendable blade arms attached to your car's tires don't come cheap), you can answer trivia questions about The Walking Dead to rebuild your stockpile and keep adding on.

Once you think you've pimped out the sweetest ride this side of Woodbury, you can enter it into a contest, where your rolling death machine will be graded on its offensive, defensive, stealth and speed capabilities.

Kirkman will sift through the entries himself and pick the winner, which will then be built by Hyundai and debuted at New York Comic-Con in October!

Get started now by heading over to