5 Action Hero Anthems By Eric Bert


Some viral video makers feel the pressure to crank out videos every week, but rapper Eric Bert takes his sweet time, like Terminator walking through a motorcycle bar. Eric raps about the bygone era of 80s action movie superstars, his clever rhymes exploding in your face. Here are the music videos for 5 action hero anthems by Eric Bert:


“The Bruce Willis Anthem (Yippee Ki Yay)”

Yes, but how much icicle stabbing does Bruce Willis do off the set?


“He’ll Be Back (The Arnold Schwarzenegger Anthem)”

I forgot how many animals Arnold has taken out over the years.


“The Hulk Hogan Rap (It’s Hooogan)”

All the little Hip-hop-amaniacs are going wild!


“Steven Seagal – Chuck Norris – Van Damme Rap”

Van Damme’s dancing is hypnotic… terrifying…


“The MacGyver Song”

He built the drum machine used in this song out of paper clips and burger wrappers.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!