CINEMA OF STEEL II: The Superman Serials


You only "think" you're ready to see Man of Steel. You're not fully prepped until you've seen every episode of Cinema of Steel, the new daily series from CraveOnline​ that highlights one of the theatrical Superman movies a day until the release of Man of Steel on June 14, 2013.

Yesterday, Willam "Bibbs" Bibbiani and Professor Witney Seibold of The B-Movies Podcast took an x-ray look at the Max Fleischer cartoons. Today, the man of steel comes to the screen in live-action for the very first time in the Superman serials starring Kirk Alyn as the Man of Steel, fighting the villainous Spider Lady, Atom Man, and Lex Luthor in his first on-screen appearance.

The Superman serials also feature one of the most original visual effects of the golden age of cinema. What was it? You'll just have to watch Cinema of Steel to find out. Bibbs and Witney will close out the episode with their individual rankings of how the Superman serials stand up against Superman's other motion picture adventures.

Come back tomorrow when Bibbs and Witney will decide if they believe a man can fly on Cinema of Steel!

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