The Ten Greatest Undercover Movies


Snitch comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on the 11th. In in, Dwayne Johnson plays a blue collar trucker who, through a twist of litigious misfortune, finds himself unable to get his son out of prison; his son was accused of dealing a huge amount of drugs he never wanted. The law insists that he stay in prison pretty much indefinitely, even though he had never dealt drugs and had no record.

What's a father to do, but offer his trucking company to a local drug lord in the hopes of exchanging a real criminal for his son? Hiding out amongst criminals is no new cinematic notion, but it always makes for excellent drama. Will the moment come, the audience is always asking, when the undercover cop/father/criminal will be discovered? Are the relationships he forms while undercover any less legitimate, seeing as they are based on a lie.

That got us thinking about the greatest of the undercover cop movies. Here's what we could come up with.