7 Funny Videos Of Facebook In Real Life


Don’t worry, this isn’t a friend request from a spambot, or a political status update that makes you angry, or a request to join some stupid online game, or all of those things combined into some sort of terrifying Facebook golum. These are 7 funny videos showing what Facebook would be like in real life: 


A Facebook Update In Real Life

When your home becomes a “tour,” that’s a warning sign.


Attempting To Facebook In Real Life

Actually, if someone put a “Like” on my bicycle, that’d be pretty cool.


Facebook Home In Real Life

Get out of my life, ads for pistachios!


Facebook In Real Life

Oh yeah, the We Love Cheese group. A very important group to join.


Facebook Status Updates In Real Life

Poor Chad Bower. So desperate.


Attempting To Facebook In Real Life – Version 2

Strangely, old men in libraries don’t like poke wars.


Facebook Friend Requests In Real Life

It must be great to have this guy back in his life.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!