8 Funny Videos Of Cats Riding Roombas


The singularity is coming, where humans and technology finally merge into one super intelligent race of techno-creatures. However, first up, our cats will merge with Roombas and it’ll be very, very cute! Here are 8 funny videos of cats riding Roombas:


Roomba Cat’s Ridin’ Dirty

Shouldn’t it be “Ridin’ Cleaning?”


Roomba Cat vs. Dog

“I hate your face!”


Roomba Kittens

This is their version of a rodeo.


Easter Roomba Cat

Who’s more bored: the pets or the owner?


Roomba Cat Is Actually An Alien

He must go back to his home planet: Uroombanus.


Roomba Cat Writes Cats 101

Seems legit.


Cat Rides A Roomba While Cleaning Himself

Okay, now he’s just showing off.


Roomba Shark Cat vs. Shark Dog vs. Duckling

Don’t go in the water… or kitchen.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!