8 Funny Prom Proposals


When I was in high school, the way you asked a girl to prom was – you asked her. That would be an incredibly lame “promposal” by today’s standards, especially when there are YouTube views out there to accumulate! High school guys: If you want a date, you’ve got to step up your game. Here are 8 funny prom proposals:


Pokemon Prom Proposal

And he didn’t “faint.”


Booty Shorts Prom Proposal

Twerks for asking!


Backstreet Boys Prom Proposal

In the end, he asked so romantically.


Embarrassing Dance Routine Prom Proposal

Will you let me embarrass you at the actual prom?


Plane Prom Proposal

You can’t beat a proposal in the air? How about a proposal in… outer space?!


Megaphone Prom Proposal

Track and Feels


Shirtless Prom Proposal

If it works for pumping up the crowd at the basketball game, it’ll work for a girl.


Kate Upton Prom Proposal

It goes as well as it possibly could.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!