7 Dramatic Readings Of The Sorority Girl Email


When Delta Gamma sorority member Rebecca Martinson wrote a scathing, profanity-laced email rant to her sisters, I bet she didn’t realize the internet was going to pledge her into the fraternity of memes. First published on Gawker, the email has gone mega viral, and we all know what happens when something like this goes viral. Here are 7 dramatic readings of the now infamous sorority girl email:


Alison Haislip (Pophangover)



Michael Shannon

This video should end with him receiving applause and a bouquet of flowers.


Kristen Quintrall

I didn’t realize the email already got a hardcover edition.


Sam Brilhante

Somehow, she made the letter more intense!


Joe Pesci (Shot of Liquid)

8 Sorority Girl Heads in a Duffel Bag


Amy Davy

Keep believing in you… but first, get your head out from under that rock.


Kelsey Cook Dissects The Email

Yeah, Rebecca, what’s your problem with boners? We thought you liked boners!


Brittnay Matthews (The Most Popular Girls In School)

Barbie’s been a doctor and even president, so why not a total bitch?


Bonus: Francis’ Video Letter To His League Of Legend Clan

I hope this guy’s the president of Sigma Nu.


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