The Masters Sounds a Spring Call for Golf Gifts



The ECCO BIOM Hybrid is just one of several golf gifts with special tie-ins to The Masters.

The Masters is the crown jewel of professional golf. If every sport has one event everyone should watch, this is it. It’s golf’s Super Bowl, Wimbledon or the Daytona 500.


Like the latter, it arrives early the herald the coming of the professional golf season, rather that act as a finale to a summer-long campaign. For golfers, nothing announces the arrival of spring like The Masters. Whether it’s the sound of extremely refined swings lightly clipping immaculately manicured grass, the soft voice of a commentator reading a ball lie or even the CBS acoustic guitar theme, a lover of the links knows winter is over and their clubs await during The Masters.


To celebrate it right here, we offer a set of relevant golf gifts suitable for any passionate golfer – including you, if you’ve been a good little golfer this year.

IdeaSuperShybrid 3

The Adams Super S is the top hybrid on tour.


Adams SUPER S Hybrid

MSRP: $199


This is commonly called the number one Hybrid on the PGA tour with Adams’ Velocity Slot Technology 3.0. Drive with it on modest par fours or use it as your all-purpose long iron, its “Through Slot” on allows for maximum ball speed and distance off impact.


Adams promises an increased trampoline effect for the ball off the club face, boosting speed by 1.5 mph and 1 degree of launch angle. That might not sound like much, but those numbers can aid a golfer desperate for a bit more length. In fact, Adams reports distance increases up to 15 yards.


Boccieri Golf’s Secret Grip

MSRP: $16.99


Jack Nicklaus, the most accomplished golfer in history and the winner six Masters Green Jackets, used the counterweight technology of Boccieri Golf Secret Grips to capture them all.


Their patented grip compound is 40 percent heavier than standard, with tungsten weight in the butt-end to raise the club’s balance point, promising consistently contact for greater control and distance. Boccieri reports these are the only grip on the market that improves the golfer’s swing mechanics.




MSRP: $190


ECCO calls this shot golf’s first and only performance hybrid model, BIOM Hybrid worn in competition by Fred Couples and several other PGA Tour stars as they go to war in Augusta. To celebrate the game’s biggest event, ECCO included the limited edition green created for the 2012 Masters and recreated for the 2013 line.


Soft, breathable Tibetan Yak leather uppers (Seriously! Could I make that up?) are treated with Hydromax weather protection.


Dancin’ Dogg’s Optishot

MSRP: $400


A computerized golf simulator, the Optishot connects to your PC and allows players to use their own clubs to play a simulated course. The system uses 16 optical sensors and its own physics engine to read club head speed, face angle at impact, swing path, distance traveled, face contact and visual feedback of each shot. The ball then goes where you send it on the computer monitor screen or TV – if you get one hooked up to your system.



If a golfer wins a PGA Major, he's probably wearing one of these Zarma cleats.

CHAMP Zarma Cleat
MSRP: $15

These cleats are used by 30 of the last 40 major champions and by more players on the PGA Tour than any other brand. They feature a three material design with soft cushions between a durable traction layer and a rigid attachment layer. Their patented Lotus Technology softens the impact of walking through compression to reduce spike pressure. Urethane provides traction and improves the “declogging of debris.”


Club Glove Caddy Towel

MSRP: $19.95


You’ll see the Club Glove Caddy Towel on the bags of many PGA players. They have more than 5 million yards of microfiber strands and are able to hold 300% of its weight in water. Buy now and you get a Pocket Towel in a tandem package as a gift with purchase of the microfiber Caddy Towel.