Kate Upton Hated By Other S.I. Models?

We all know Kate Upton. But do we really know Kate Upton?

According to one of those uncouth gossip magazines, Kate Upton is actually very unpopular amongst her fellow S.I. models.

"The SI models hate her," an insider tells Us of the voluptuous cover girl, 20. "They are jealous, but Kate's also been a bitch to them in the past."

In fact, things are so icy between Upton and the other models that they won't socialize with one another even when they're sitting just a few feet apart. At a 1Oak party in Las Vegas on Feb. 14, Upton kept to herself while the rest of the ladies chatted among themselves. "She didn't interact with anyone," an onlooker says. "She wasn't friendly."

Of course news like this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Who knows who actually said this jarbish and to whom. We obviously don't know the context of the situation as well. Here's what we do know:

She possibly ate up and spit out Tigers ace Justin Verlander — who apparently she is no longer dating.

And oh ya, she looks like this…

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Launch Party

And this…

Kate Upton Hated By Other S.I. Models?

Annddddd this….

kate upton-wet-tshirt

Regardless, I'm still a fan. She would have to come over to my house and punch me in the face multiple times while setting my living room on fire for me to feel otherwise.

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