“How I Met Your Mother” Goes Canadian

The hilarious comedy "How I Met Your Mother" devoted an entire episode this week to Canadian talent and cliches in their "P.S. I Love You" episode.

From mounties to Tim Hortons and stars like Alan Thicke, Geddy Lee, Jason Priestley, k.d. lang, Alex Trebek, and Luc Robitaille, the show was riddled with rib jabs that saw the return of Robin Sparkles and her early days of being obsessed with another Canadian celeb – Paul Shaffer.

“From the guest stars to the references about Canada, I’m really hoping that Canadians love it,” said Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin and originally hails from Vancouver, in an interview. “That wasn’t even about being Canadian really, but you have to really suspend your disbelief sometimes when you watch the show, and that’s hard for me because I’m very realistic and grounded. But what I love about Canadians is that we can take a joke, that we think it’s funny and don’t obsess over things. We’re so down to earth. My greatest fear, and I’m totally sensitive to it, is that I don’t want Canadians to think that I’m making fun at their expense." However, we're too polite to get mad at such a great effort to shed some light on Canadian life… whether it's stereotypical or not.

"How I Met Your Mother," which plays on CBS and Citytv, is in its eighth season, with a ninth and final season confirmed.

Photo: Citytv