Exclusive: MAD’s 50 Worst Things About Cartoons

MAD Magazine

Oh, MAD Magazine, you enduring favorite from our childhood and our fathers' childhoods. You are certainly not Brand Ecch, you Kaputniks, you.

On February 19, the next issue hits the stands, detailing the "50 Worst Things About Cartoons," and yes, there is something bad about Adventure Time. However, we've got an exclusive first look at the list for you – the #17 entry, which bags on that lovable old Irish miser, Scrooge McDuck.

What's wrong with Scrooge? Well, here's your answer, courtesy of artist Hermann Mejia.


MAD Magazine


Can we sue Disney for creating Donald Trump? Can we sue his parents? Maybe his children? Seriously, can Disney sic their high-powered lawyers on Trump for exististing and thus being a walking defamation of character? Or defecation of character, while they're at it.


Anyway, for more zany madcap hijinks, check out the next issue of MAD Magazine – it'll look like this:


MAD Magazine


Or, you can full-on subscribe to MAD like you did when you were a kid (you DID do that, right? If not, you should've), as they're having a 60th Anniversary subscription special.