Jodi Balfour Of “Bomb Girls” Has Got Spark

Jodi Balfour is one of the actresses on the hit GlobalTV show "Bomb Girls," which just started its second season. Born and raised in South Africa, she's not only a television actress but has also recently worked on two indie film projects. She sat down with Crave to discuss her love for both mediums, her desire to hone her musical talents, and why she considers herself to be "tough."

1- "Bomb Girls" has been tremendously successful – tell us about your work on the hit show.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride of joy and challenges and stress and love and satisfaction and hope. It never stops being fulfilling in both quiet and obvious ways. I love the character I play and the stories we get to tell. Work aside, it has also introduced me to some of my favourite people on the planet.

2- You also worked on two indie films that will be making their rounds at festivals this year – will you be able to take part in promoting the films and touring with them?

I really hope so – yes.

3- What's the difference between working on TV and film projects? Do you prefer one over the other?

The pace is different on a film set. It’s slightly slower, allowing for a little more wiggle room. Sometimes there is a bit more room to explore and work on the floor. On a TV set, you really have to be ultra-prepared and ready to deliver because time is so tight. Not that you don’t have to be prepared for film.

I think in a nutshell, you can afford to take a few more risks – collaboratively, on a film set, there is more time to “play.” I like them both very much. They are just different, each bringing their own challenges.

4- You were born and raised in South Africa and really only recently left – do you miss it? Where do you live now? What do you think of Canada?

I do, I miss it a lot. I am a modern-day gypsy, really. I live between Toronto and Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

I love Canada. The natural environment here is so inspiring. It never ceases to make me feel grounded and calm and to help put things in perspective. And I love Canadians. A lot.

5- You play the ukulele and harmonica, and have dreams of being in a band… do you think you'd ever pursue music? What type of band would you want to be in?

Ummm… I do play the uke and harmonica, but sheepishly at this stage. I would love to pursue music someday, but probably not in a professional way (unless someone wanted me to be a do-wop girl for them. I really want to be a do-wop girl!). But yes, I would love to spend devoted hours getting better at it, and on playing and singing in a group. And performing. That would be fun.

Dream band would be a folksy, country-ish, gypsy-ish band with a bunch of bandmates. Lots of instruments. Lots of harmonising. 

6- Where do you draw your inspiration from, professionally as well as personally?

From  stuff out there. From people and their actions and initiatives going on and good work people are doing. Action – I am so inspired by action. And then from the small things too, the quiet things, like family and fireplaces and hot coffee and the sun and midnight skinny-dipping.

7- Would you say that you're an optimist or a pessimist?

Oh, I am a hopeless optimist.

8- What's your most embarrassing moment?

I actually don’t really have one. I am such a sillybilly that I embarrass myself all the time. No one moment really sticks out. That’s pretty terrible.

9- What's one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I played provincial touch rugby in South Africa when I was 15. I’m tough like that.