Top 10 Canadian Extreme Winter Sports

Skiing and snowboarding – Manitoba

Who says you can't snowboard and ski in the Prairies? At SkiStony, there are 100 feet vertical with six runs serviced by two lifts, giving you all the speed action you'd find in the mountains.

Skijoring – Across Canada

Think dogsledding looks like a fun sport? Then you'd likely enjoy skijoring, which is like cross-country skiing but being pulled by the waist by a dog or horse. The Ski Dogs Canada website has more information on exactly out where this sport is offered.

Snowkiting – Montreal

A cross between snowboarding and windsurfing, this extreme sport uses a giant kite of sorts to pull you along on your snowboard. It's fast, furious, and loads of fun.

Heli-Skiing – British Columbia

Join groups on the ultimate adventure where a helicopter drops you off on a pristine untouched mountainside that you make your way down on skis.

Ice diving – Banff

If you can take it, ice diving is one of the newest extreme winter sports where participants dive below the frigid icy surfaces of a lake. It's not for the faint of heart.

Ice climbing – Alberta

Those who scale mountains in the summertime go ice climbing in the winter, and there isn't a more beautiful place to do so than the Canadian Rockies.

Ice yachting – Nova Scotia

Feel the speed and the wind in your face with this incredibly fast-paced activity – and Nova Scotia is one of the best places to try the sport given their variety of frozen lakes.

Ski biking – Across Canada

Biking in the warm months transforms to ski biking when the temperature drops. There are a number of places coast to coast to try this extreme winter sport.

Polar bear swimming – Ontario

Ready for a real adventure? Then plunge into the icy waters and dare to go polar bear swimming, where there's nothing separating you from the frigid waters.

Ice racing – Ontario

Racing cars on dry asphalt is one thing, but doing it in wintertime amongst the snow and ice? Ice racing is an entirely new challenge, and a thrilling one at that.