Freema Agyeman Clarifies Her ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Involvement

Back in November, The Independent interviewed Freema Agyeman and asked if she’d be involved in the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who” in 2013. Agyeman's comments apparently lent themselves to the interpretation that her character, Martha Jones would possibly be returning for an appearance in the show.

Agyeman is currently starring on The CW’s new drama “The Carrie Diaries.” We asked Agyeman about a possible “Doctor Who” return after the CW’s Television Critics Association panel for “The Carrie Diaries.”  And Agyeman took the opportunity to clarify that she is only making publicity appearances, not appearing in the rumored anniversary special.

“I’m doing two things for the 50th but nothing to do with being in the drama,” explained Agyeman. “I got misquoted hideously once saying that there are some rumblings going on about being involved in the 50th in terms of the drama. It’s not. It’s in terms of conventions and interviews and things like that, which we’re all doing stuff to promote the 50th. We have to. It’s the ‘Doctor Who’ family and we want to. I think in terms of my involvement in the show, that’s a different thing now. It moves on, it changes and that’s a good thing.”

With a role on a potential hit series in the United States, Agyeman is not likely to be traveling to London, let alone through time and space, at least in the short term.

“I’m pretty much here for the foreseeable,” said Agyeman. “I guess it depends what happens with the show as we go forward.”

Which former companions or former Doctors do you want to see return for "Doctor Who's" 50th Anniversary? Let us know in the comment section below!