CES 2013: Trojan Gives Techies Something to Moan About

The annual 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is not the sexiest scene on the planet. While there are models and pretty hostesses here and there on the sprawling convention floor, the scene can be a bit dour and businesslike.

So, you can imagine the occasional bemusement amongst the ladies in the CES throng when representatives of Trojan gave out free Pulse and Tri-Phoria vibrators. Working from the company's sponsored "Pleasure Carts," Trojan's reps managed to tingle their way around the halls with enough passion to disperse no fewer than 9,000 sexual aids. You can see a few of the very products in question above — before use, of course.

To give you an idea of the scope of that shambling crowd of vibrator winners, you could take all 9,000 and fill the Hard Rock Hotel's iconic "The Joint" concert venue with self-pleasuring women two times over.

Obviously, vibrators are hardly the most cutting edge or advanced gadget flitting around the convention floor, but I'd wager they might be the most likely  to still be in use after the latest headphones, cases or smartphones are on the recycling pile. In this case, what happens in Vegas makes a hell of a loud buzzing noise in Vegas.

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