5 Funny Songs About Christmas Sweaters

It’s Christmas time and that means going to Christmas parties. Sure, you could come wearing something that makes you look attractive, or you can ransack your local Goodwill for the ugliest-looking Rudolph sweater you can find. If you wanna be in this year, do the latter. Don’t bother to wash it first, that wood glue smell is totally in style. Here are 5 funny songs about ugly Christmas sweaters:


“Christmas Sweatz” – Rhett and Link

This song is festive and comfortable.


“Chillin’ In My Christmas Sweater” – DashieXP

Put a bow on this rap… and it’s done.


“Ugly Christmas Sweater Song” – Generation Empowered

Damn you and your love, grandma! I wanted an iPhone.


“Ugly Sweater” – Mistletoe Conspiracy

Santa will give you the receipt, but he got it at the Ugly Sweater store, so you lose.


“The Holiday Sweater Song” – Patty DeArteaga and Justin Johnson

The true meaning of Christmas is two girls making out in ugly sweaters.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!