Exclusive Preview: The MADness of Princess Kate

Mad Magazine #519

Ah, MAD Magazine. A staple of satirical comedy for decades now, and still going strong. In fact, it's their 60th anniversary this year, and the usual gang of idiots is offering a celebratory subscription special discount! 

What a bargain! Get in there before it all goes Kaputnik!

And hey! On December 18, #519 of MAD will be released, celebrating The 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of the Year of 2012. As you can see on the cover, good ol' Lance Armstrong and his doping scandal make the list.


MAD Magazine #519


However, we here at Crave Online can get you your first peek at what else managed to rate highly in MAD's dumkopf dumb-off. As you might expect, it involves nudity! ROYAL nudity, as captured by truly royal dillweeds!

Check out #3 on the list, exclusively here at Crave Online!


Mad Magazine