Doctor Who #3: A Gallifreyan Recap

Doctor Who #3

Doctor Who #3 by IDW

"The Doctor and the Nurse"

Doctor Who #3


Written by Brandon Seifert

Art by Philip Bond

Colors by Charlie Kirchoff

Lettering by Shawn Lee

Edited by Denton J. Tipton


We open with the TARDIS landing in several different locations: Dunlap Station – Orbitigor to Virginis B. year 2133 A.D, London, England, year 1588 A.D, and not to mention time and places that remind me of Coruscant, the moons of Endor, and is that feudal Japan?


Doctor Who #3


Ah, the ‘she’ must refer to Amy. Hell has no wrath like Amy scorned!

Let’s go a few hours back:


Doctor Who #3

Whovians are never tired of seeing the trio on the run, and we can all agree that we need more of TARDIS-being-opened-simply-with-a-snap-of-his-fingers.

The Siblinghood of Saint Augustine Physicists, or religious fanatics as the Doctor likes to call them, are the ones from whom they are on the run. The religious order hates The Doctor because he exists. They don’t believe the future and the past exist, but only the present.  As the TARDIS tries to dematerialize away and save the trio, the Siblinghood uses their chronomagnetic pulse and fry the TARDIS.

Rory and The Doctor begin another verbal fight, because Rory accuses of him of having some sort of death wish since every “relaxing holiday” ends up with them running for their lives. The Doctor cannot excuse his behavior as he believes Rory is dull and only wants to travel to “upper” Leadworth.

Suddenly, Amy has a brilliant idea to stop the constant bickering among her boys. Since she was always the one who had spent more time traveling with the Doctor (the night before their wedding, Rory likes to remind her), Amy needs to send them away to a place where they can bond.

Rory suggests a place with a generous amount of libations, and the TARDIS chooses London, the year 1814, after Amy types in ‘a lot of beer’ into the console location search.

Doctor Who #3

Bonding time goes poorly with awkward silence, and Rory decides that it’s time to go find Amy. The Doctor wants to do what he calls a time hop, skipping ahead to the end of the night right after Amy is done sightseeing. Rory again is wary of taking any shortcuts, as the last time, they were 36 years too late arriving to Amy.

Oops, they end up in London, England October 17, 1940, in the midst of World War II, and find Ian Fleming (a spy at the time and not yet the famous James Bond creator) under a pile of rubble.

Doctor Who #3


Doctor Who #3

The magic of Doctor Who is that their cell phones still work! Amy checks in via text message and asks if they are having fun. Of course, Rory lies with a happy yes. Back to Amy, as she recites events that happen in 1814  and decides to go to the TARDIS to watch some TV because she’s bored.

Turns the corner and BAM! Who does she see? An agent of the Silence with an eye drive! Amy assures herself that she’ll be fine and goes off after the agent in typical Amy fashion.

Rory and the Doctor arrive back into the TARDIS looking sharp in tuxes, as they now have inspired James Bond. Rory, not wanting to tempt fate again, exclaims now is a good time to go back to Amy.

The Doctor sure loves his shortcuts, and explains to Rory about the fast return lever, which will bring them back to their last destination (we hope to see more of that in the show). 


Doctor Who #3


Of course, things go awry and they are in the La Brea Tarpits in Los Angeles, California 35,000 years ago–give or take.

A sabertooth makes it into the TARDIS and onto the console.


Doctor Who #3


Amy follows the agent to a brewery and cue dramatic music.


Doctor Who #3

To be continued!

How much do I crave this story?



NOTE: Yes, the great London Beer Flood was a real historical event. For all those that wished they could be there to celebrate free beer, read what happens.