7 Funny Videos About Corn

Bummed about the gray, cold weather? Missing the delicious barbecues of the summer? Not to worry, I’ve got the hookup for you. I can’t send barbecue food over the intertubes, but let me jog your taste bud memories about one of the great summer foods. Here are 7 funny videos about corn:


How To Eat Corn In 10 Seconds

Yeah, he destroyed all his teeth, but think of the time saved!


Thugs Love Corn

So that’s why gangstas have gold teeth – it’s to help them eat corn on the cob better.


Kid Falls Asleep Eating Corn

He had this dream that he was at the county fair…


Cat Eats Corn On The Cob

Nom nom corn nom


Terrier Afraid Of Corn

Dog, you have a lot to learn from the cat above.


Rachael Ray Corn Porn

This barbecue just got hot.


Jeffery Dallas – “Akbar”

Grandmas just don’t understand.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!