10 Funny Videos of Dogs vs. Babies

In this corner, entering the ring on all fours, it’s the K9 Companion, Man’s Best Friend, Dog! And in this corner, also entering the ring on all fours, it’s the result of mom and dad having sex, Baby! Who will win in a series of challenges that involve toys and unintelligible speech? Here are 10 funny videos of dogs vs. babies:



Get them a cable news debate show.



Don’t worry, kid. When you’re an adult, you can eat all the dog food you want.



Vegas gives better odds to the dog.



To be fair to the baby, Dog Balloon won an Emmy for Best Comedy last year.



This is what the Coppertone people were trying to tell us.



I knew that was Eddy the Dog as the dog from this video.



“More,” screamed the child. “More of this, I say!”


Tug of War

They’re training Annie to do well at corporate retreats.



Linus put the baby in the dreaded head wrest lock.


Baby Bites Dog

She’s still confused about “hot dogs.”


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!