Nintendo Power is Ending, Look at the Final Issue’s Cover


Nintendo’s official games magazine, Nintendo Power, is coming to an end this month. The magazine will release its final issue in December and then cease to be after publishing over 200 issues over an almost 25-year period.

For longtime readers of the magazine, this news is sour grapes. But at least the magazine is going out in style, having created a cover for the final issue that hearkens back to the very first issue.



This side-by-side shot comes courtesy of website Reddit (via TechnoBuffalo). It might also make you tear up if you have an actual heart beating inside that body of yours.

Nintendo Power joins Official PlayStation Magazine as another major gaming magazine closing its doors this year. Our well wishes go out to the staff affected by the closure. But at least they are going out with class. Bravo. 

Erik Norris is the Gaming Editor for CraveOnline. You can follow him on Twitter @Regular_Erik.