6 Funny Rave Videos From The 90s

Don’t know how to dance, but have a lot of energy and can flail your arms and legs for hours at a time? If you’re a teen from the 1990s, you should go to a rave! Just take a hit of Ecstacy, and you’re off on a crazy journey of neon colors and pounding, repetitive beats! Here are 6 funny rave videos from the 90s:


Rave Like It’s 1997

When are the Butabi brothers gonna show up?


Guess Who’s On Ecstasy?



Dutch Rave Dancing

Now at your local rave: Monty Python's silly walk.


Guess Who’s Also On Ecstasy?

He puts the “E” in “Sneaky Looking!”


One Man Rave

MOM! Not now, I’m raving!


What is a Rave? (1992)

It’s an all-night dance frenzy! Hide your kids!


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!