‘Community’s’ Gillian Jacobs & Alison Brie Star In Sexy GQ Video

It’s rare for “Community” fans to get good news these days. If the show isn’t being delayed by NBC for nebulous reasons, then there are reports about something horrible that Chevy Chase said on the set.

And who wants that?

While the recently released “Community” season 4 promo video indicates that its October 19th premiere largely exists as a state of mind, it turns out that GQ had something special in mind for that date.

“Community” costars Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie took part in a photo shoot for GQ last summer; including some video outtakes which were posted last Friday. Entertainment Weekly said that it was from “the sexiest timeline” and we’d be hard pressed to disagree.

So, enjoy the video as Jacobs and Brie do a few things that Britta and Annie would never dream of in their entire lives…



“Community” season 4 will debut… eventually. And hopefully on a Thursday.