7 One-Hit KO’s That’ll Make You Say ‘OH S***!’

Over the years I've been punched in the face many a time, but thanks to an impressive sense of balance  and a head seemingly made out of metal, I've fortunately never been knocked out*. These guys, however, haven't been so lucky.

Here are 7 one-hit KO's that'll make you go "oh shit!"

*This isn't a challenge. Please don't punch me.


In Soviet Russia, people get punched in the face… like, really hard.

This is why you shouldn't get into a fist-fight with a bloke wearing a helmet.


Possible death at the World's Most Irritating Festival

You don't actually see the drunk guy get back up in this clip, so whether or not he survived the knockout punch is open for debate. Think of him as Schrödinger's Moron.


The most consensual fight ever

Dinner parties have begun more aggressively than this fight did. 


…What just happened?

If you want to see this knockout kick, remember NOT TO BLINK.



My favourite part of this video is the shirtless guy's evil sidekick and his unabashed enthusiasm following the KO. I wish I could be as happy about anything as that little guy is about a punch.


Mike's in a happier place now

Just goes to show that when your lunkheaded friend says "hey dude, can I punch you in the face?" your response should never be anything other than "no".


Girl punches the dignity out of a guy

Is it wrong that I'm aroused right now?

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Photo: Getty Images/artland