Batgirl: Spoiled – The Web Series, Episode 1

Batgirl: Spoiled

The Stephanie Brown conspiracy is pretty crazy over at DC, leading people to think that someone over there has a serious hate-on for the Spoiler-turned-Robin-turned-Batgirl-turned-completely-disavowed in the New 52. She was going to be Nightwing in the Smallville comics, but that was nixed. She showed up in the Young Justice cartoon and then it got immediately pulled from the Cartoon Network line-up. It seems like there's an exceptional effort to forget she existed, which only makes the vocal fans of hers louder and more disgruntled.

However, those of you who are jonesing for some more Brown-as-Batgirl can get a fix of it with the first episode of the fan series Batgirl: Spoiled, co-created by Marisha Ray (also starring as Steph) and Crave Online's own Sax Carr. You'll also see Barbara Gordon as Oracle as well as the Penguin in this welcome trip back to the old DCU. Be warned, however, this is Gotham City, and that means this might get a little darker than you're expecting.

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Batgirl Spoiled