New York Comic Con 2012: ‘The Venture Bros.’ Panel Report

“The Venture Bros.” creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick are notoriously close-lipped when it comes to spoilers about their Adult Swim animated series. This year’s New York Comic Con was no exception.

At Friday’s “Venture Bros.” panel (via IGN ), Hammer and Publick were joined by voice actors Michael Sinterniklaas (who plays Dean on the series) and Paul Boocock (who occasionally portrays the late Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.)

While the fifth season of “The Venture Bros.” won’t begin until 2013, there is a Halloween special airing on Sunday, October 28. A brief clip was played in which Hank, Dean and Dermott look into a haunted house on the Venture compound.

Jonas Venture Sr.’s return was confirmed in the second clip, as a flashback scene showed the original Team Venture at the Kennedy Onassis wedding, where Jonas managed to “quiet” his son Rusty after the younger Venture pretends to be on a quest to slay the Minotaur.

The last clip shown was an extended season 5 trailer which included brief glimpses of the Monarch “subbing” for Dr. Venture’s dentist, Sgt. Hatred massaging his man-boobs, 21 hijacking a truck and Dean “as a Dracula.”

The Q&A session was relatively free of season 5 details, but Hammer reportedly said that Dr. Orpheus will barely be in the upcoming season because "we've got a thousand characters."