Dom Mazzetti vs. Dating

Are you part of the Dom Squad? For over a year now, college pinhead Dom Mazzetti (a character created by Mike & Gian Comedy) has been mouthing off on YouTube about topics ranging from the economy to “being fresh.” Here are 10 videos about one of his favorite subjects: chicks. Specifically, how to bang them:



Lying to girls to get them to sleep with you? There’s an app for that. "Messages."


Spring Break

That looks more like a pool sausage party.



It’s also smart to throw chairs out the window, so she has to sit on your lap.


Bad Hook Ups

I make it my business never to trust guys named Smoosh.


Single Girls

I don’t think he knows the more popular meaning of the term “sexual predator.”


Drunk Girls

Girls just wanna have fun… and get f***ing wasted.


The Friend Zone

There’s no hotter date spot than Chipotle in the afternoon.


Prom Weekend

He's like a prom ghost that hangs around his old school forever. Foreeeeeveeeeer!


Break Ups

Most fairy tales begin with Red Lobster and fingering.



That’s a very important flow chart.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!