6 Facebook Chair Ad Parodies

In celebration of reaching 1 billion active users, Facebook launched its first ever commercial for the site. The video (see below) claims that “Chairs Are Like Facebook,” though some YouTube comedians think there are way funnier analogies to explain Facebook’s addictiveness and ubiquitousness. Here are 6 Facebook Chair Ad Parodies:


Original: The Things That Connect Us

Connect us? I don’t even know you.


Toilets Are Like Facebook

This ad is really, uh, sh*tty.


Chlamydia Is Like Facebook

Just don’t “like” Chlamydia on Facebook.


Bedrooms Are Like Facebook

…with a secret camera installed that’s linked directly to Mark Zuckerberg’s computer.


Ex-Girlfriends Are Like Facebook

Time to break up?


No, Really, Chairs Are Like Facebook

The universe is a chair, which is maybe what Clint Eastwood was talking about.


Lots Of Things Are Like Facebook

Even hook hands, you guys.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!