8 Funny Grocery Store Pranks

My weekly grocery list includes eggs, frozen dinners, orange juice, robotic fruit, random choirs, a crazy grandma and some stuff a guy put in my cart to be a jerk. Oh, and plenty of Gushers. Here are videos of 8 funny grocery store pranks:


Whole Foods Shopping Prank

They only carry daddy butter at Trader Joe’s.


Robot Orange

It’s way less annoying than that other orange.


Snake in Bananas

Well, we can all agree snakes are more cost effective than security guards.


Choir Prank

Have a nice dayyyyy…?


Whole Foods Freeze

Looks like someone doesn’t know how to properly use their watch from Clockstoppers.


Basket Thief

Oh, I’m sorry? Are these yours? *Takes Anyway*


Don’t Put It In My Cart!

People sure are defensive about “their” carts.


Crazy Grandma Prank

She gets off on men holding bags.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!