Borderlands 2’s Best Sidequests


Borderlands 2 is a game designed to encourage exploration, distraction, and growth outside of the main quest. Completing the story practically requires players to finish side quests to build up enough experience to tackle the harder enemies. While some of these missions are fetch-quests and races against time, there are several side missions full of exposition and highly entertaining. Here’s our list of side quests not to miss in Borderlands 2.

"You Are Cordially Invited"

Without a doubt, Tea Time with Tina is the best side mission in the entire game. Players will meet up with Tiny Tina, a pre-teen rabble rouser, who is planning an adorable tea party… for a psychopath. This mission mixes in some humorous run and fetch tasks with the most entertaining dialogue of the game. Tina herself oscillates between crazed and cute from one line to the next. There’s plenty of challenge and plenty of humor here and the coup de grace makes it all worthwhile. Look for this mission in the Tundra Express.

"To Grandmother’s House We Go"

Like the Tiny Tina side mission, the Grandma mission is pretty humorous. In this mission, you’re sent to do Handsome Jack a favor and check on his grandmother. For fans of subtle and dark humor, this one should do the trick. The mission isn’t too difficult; however, the conclusion had me laughing my ass off while trying to survive a surprise assault. This mission is well worth the sidetrack and it can be found in the Eridium Blight.


"ClapTrap’s Birthday Bash"

Perhaps the easiest side mission in the game, ClapTrap asks you, his minion, to go invite some friends in Sanctuary to his party. As to be expected, no one is available for the party but each friend supplies a curious excuse for why they’re too busy. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the well written dialogue for ClapTrap. It’s also some of the easiest and safest experience in the game. Look for this side mission in Sanctuary.

"Won’t Get Fooled Again"

While most of the missions and side missions in Borderlands and Borderlands 2 revolve around killing and collecting, this mission has an interesting detective twist to it. One of a group of quadruplets killed a boy in town and you are asked to investigate the crime. While the depths of this mystery are nowhere near the complexity of games like Indigo Prophecy, there’s a certain amount of investigating and analysis required. The mission is ultimately pretty quick but worth playing around with and thinking through. And, don’t be lame and read the FAQs first. You can find this mission in Sanctuary.


"Out of Body Experience"

There are plenty of other great and humorous missions to explore (also check out Clan Wars, The Bane, Kill Yourself, and Shoot This Guy in the Face), but Out of Body Experience is one of the best. This side mission mixes tough enemy battles along with well thought out comedy. This may be the perfect mission to show off to a friend. At first, you start the mission expecting to assist an enemy AI install itself into a new host. When this goes awry, you’ll continue moving the AI from one different host to the next. The final host is a doozy and worth playing to completion. I had a blast with all of these side missions, especially this final one. You can find the start of this mission in Bloodshot Stronghold.