‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Episode 8 Preview Scene

Fans of "Breaking Bad" should ask themselves these questions: Does Walter White (Bryan Cranston) even exist anymore? Or has Walt's Heisenberg persona become his true self?

Last week, the DEA closed in on Walt's partner, Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) and they also managed to get Mike's lawyer, Dan Wachsberger (Chris Freihofer) to flip on him. Although Walt initially warned Mike of the threat, he later dealt with Mike in a shocking way that further reinforced just how far Walt has fallen.

And now that Mike is out of the way and Walt has found new partners in Declan (Louis Ferreira) and Todd (Jesse Plemons), there are just a few more steps before Walt can firmly take control of his budding meth empire. In this week's preview scene from AMC, Walt meets up with Lydia (Laura Fraser), Mike's neurotic and sometimes treacherous associate to get the names of the nine men in prison who could potentially lead the DEA back to Walt. However, Lydia is so paranoid that Walt may have a hard time getting what he wants out of her.



This Sunday's "Breaking Bad" will be the mid-season finale and the last episode of the year. AMC's synopsis for the episode is as vague as ever, but it does hint that some of Walt's actions will soon come back to haunt him. 

The synopsis from this week’s penultimate episode of season 5.0 is fairly vague, but it does suggest that Mike will have to deal with the fallout of provoking the DEA last week.

"Walt attends to some loose ends and in the process makes a dangerous decision that will affect his entire family."

"Breaking Bad" closes out its 2012 run this Sunday night at 10pm on AMC!