‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Characters Revealed

When "American Horror Story: Asylum" debuts this fall, it will be an almost entirely different show compared to its previous incarnation last year. At least five performers will return for the second season, but they will each play new characters as the setting moves away from Los Angeles and the Murder House to a story set in '60s at Briarcliff, an asylum on the east coast.

"American Horror Story" co-creator Ryan Murphy has largely kept this year's storyline under wraps, but in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, several story details are finally revealed. Additionally, Entertainment Weekly has also unveiled a guide to the new characters; which offers additional clues as well.

Sister Jude


Our returning champion, Jessica Lange will headline this season as Sister Jude, the head of the asylum who has a few dark secrets of her own.


Dr. Thredson


Zachary Quinto is also back as Dr. Thredson, a progressive psychiatrist who comes into conflict with Sister Jude. But I'm sure the list of characters not butting heads with Sister Jude will be very small.




Damn it, Tate! Evan Peters just can't stay out of trouble, no matter who he's playing. Kit is imprisoned at the asylum for murdering his wife, but he seems to think that she's been kidnapped… by aliens.




Sarah Paulson will be playing a journalist named Lana, who investigates the asylum's deadly secrets before she is betrayed and committed to the asylum by her own girlfriend.


Sister Eunice


As the last of the returning players, Lily Rabe will portray Sister Eunice, who is second-in-command to Sister Jude at the asylum.


Monsignor Timothy O'Hara

Among the new cast members, Joseph Fiennes has one of more pivotal roles as Monsignor Timothy O'Hara, the object of Sister Jude's lustful fantasies. And O'Hara is no saint himself…


Dr. Arden


…But that's more than we can say for James Cromwell's Dr. Arden, who may be a former Nazi scientist. The Entertainment Weekly report also notes that Arden created the mutated humans known as the Raspers, who live in the forest outside of the asylum.




All we know about Chloë Sevigny's new character is that Shelley has been locked up in the asylum for being a "nymphomaniac."




Maroon 5 and "The Voice" judge, Adam Levine makes his acting debut as Leo, one half of a couple referred to as "The Lovers." Unlike the other characters on "American Horror Story: Asylum," Leo and his wife will be featured as they visit the Briarcliff asylum during the present day. And the asylum's dark past will almost certainly catch up to them.




Jenna Dewan Tatum will step into the role of Teresa, Leo's wife. Reportedly, Leo and Teresa are newlyweds when they make their first appearance in the present. But on "American Horror Story," "'til death do us part" usually comes sooner rather than later.

"American Horror Story: Asylum" will debut on Wednesday, October 17, only on FX.