7 Wrestling Botches These Wrestlers Would Rather Forget

Wrestling is an illusion, but sometimes that illusion is ruined when a wrestler either fumbles his lines, fails to do his moves correctly or inadvertently nearly kills himself. These are known in the business as 'botches', and here are 7 of the greatest:


Drew Blood Nearly Kills Himself

Drew Blood retired shortly after this match and became a referee. Figures.


CM Punk and Elijah Burke Lack Chemistry

Wrestling is the only profession where, if your co-worker is underperforming, you can break his neck.


Sid Vicious Insults Himself

Sometimes wrestlers don't even need to start wrestling before botching.


FAIL but then WIN

I think he redeemed himself pretty well, don't you?



Christian takes self-harming to a whole new level.


Who Says Wrestling is Fake?

Paper doesn't fold as easily as well as this guy.


I Hope You're Not Eating While Watching This

Contrary to popular belief, this injury was not caused by the fall, but rather the impact suffered when connecting with Scott Steiner's roided up chest.


Don't Sandbag Brock Lesnar

Just in case you ever needed to be reminded, annoying Brock Lesnar is not a good idea.

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