Exclusive ‘Strike Back’ Season 2 Episode 3 Preview Scene

This week on "Strike Back," Sgt. Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) are once again officially partnered up again as members of Section 20, a secret British paramilitary unit that hunts down terrorist threats from around the world.

One of the dangling threads from the first two episodes of the season was the location of the stolen nuclear triggers from Libya; which ended up in the hands of a radical religious leader. In this week's exclusive scene from Cinemax, Scott and Stonebridge try to gain custody of a courier named Othmani (Said Taghmaoui); whom they believe may have the triggers.

Although Othmani's nomadic captors seem to be willing to negotiate, another group appears to want everyone at that meeting dead… and they have the means to make that happen.



The second preview scene takes place earlier in the episode, as Stonebridge reapplies for Section 20 after his wife, Kerry (Alexandra Moen) was murdered by his former friend, Craig Hanson (Shane Taylor).

In this clip, the newly promoted Major Rachel Dalton (Rhona Mitra) asserts her control over Section 20 as they question Stonebridge's state of mind while Stonebridge himself is forced to undergo a psychological examination before returning to duty.


"Strike Back" season 2 continues this Friday, only on Cinemax!