Interview with Kyle Schmid of “Copper”

Kyle Schmid plays Robert Morehouse in the new Showcase drama "Copper," which premieres on August 26 at 9pm. He opened up to Crave about his passion for acting, his lifelong addiction to the sport of soccer, and why he's not just a "playboy in shorts."

1- Tell us about "Copper" and the role of Robert Morehouse that you play.
It takes place in 1864 during and revolves around the war and abolition of slavery. It follows three characters, and I play a political playboy. We've been filming at a studio in Toronto and doing a lot of work at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

2- You've dabbled in a lot of things like acting and modelling – do you have a preference for one over the other?
I haven't modelled since I was 12 – that was a one-time thing, and I did it as a kid to make a little money to save up for university. Acting is my first love as well as writing and eventually producing and directing.

3- Do you write screenplays or do more creative writing?
I think a lot of my screenplay writing stems from creative writing. I've written two or three features and a few TV shows. It's something I really enjoy doing. It's a creative outlet for me when I'm not working on set.

4- I understand you're an avid soccer player- have you always played soccer? Do you still have time for athletics with your new Showcase gig?
Soccer is my first love. I've been playing since I was 4 years old. I traveled the world doing it. I broke my leg when I was 16 or 17, and acting kind of filled the void. It became for me what it is today, which is my passion. I never thought acting would be my career – it's such a difficult thing. To be where I am today… I'm very blessed to have the experience.

And I'm playing soccer again tonight.

5- What would be your dream gig?
This is pretty close to living the dream right now  The beautiful thing about "Copper" is the writing and characters are so much so like those in film – they're dark and gritty, and there aren't any boundaries of where they can go. As my career continues I like playing different characters. I'm always open to experimenting with new pieces and scripts.

6- Who is your biggest influence?
Any actor whose persevered in this industry is somebody who deserves the utmost respect because it's not an easy journey. Those who creatively have had careers of such longevity are the ones that I aspire to emulate.

7- Are you a glass is half empty or half full kind of guy?
It depends what it's full of.

8- What's one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I'm probably not what everybody thinks I am. People think I'm a playboy in shorts but I'm more down to earth and private than I would often portray.