Dallas Cowboys on ‘Hot Seat’ Over Lawsuit

Controversy assaults a high profile NFL team once again as the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones are facing a lawsuit from a woman who was injured at their annual Blue and Silver scrimmage that was held this week.

According to reports, Jenelle Carrillo, is suing the team and Jones, claiming she suffered third-degree burns on her buttocks after she sat on a black, marble bench outside Cowboys Stadium before the game. The bench in question had been exposed without shade on a clear day where high temperatures reached upwards of 101 degrees.

Apparently, at the time, Carrillo knew that she had received some burns but the severity of which weren't realized until later.

“She sat down on this black bench, outside an entrance and unfortunately she suffered third-degree burns as a result of it and had subsequent skin grafts,” explained Carrillo’s lawyer, Michael Wash.

Walsh also said that his client was initially "hospitalized for about a week”.

Carrillo has requested a jury trial and is seeking to recoup court fees, damages and interest. She is also seeking unspecified damages for causing mental anguish, physical pain and disfigurement.

According to the lawsuit filed in Tarrant County, Carillo is claiming that the Cowboys and Jones failed in their duties to properly alert patrons of the potential danger that sitting on the benches could hold.

"The bench was uncovered and openly exposed to the extremely hot August sun. The combination of the nature of the black, marble bench and hot sunlight caused the bench to become extremely hot and unreasonable dangerous," the suit says.

Due to a policy of not commenting on ongoing litigation, the Cowboys have had no comment on the lawsuit up to this point.

Something tells me, however, that this lady is going to be in for a big payday and that it's going to be the Cowboys turn to ride the hot seat for awhile.

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