The 7 Deadly Doombas

Sure, Roombas seem innocent enough. The little machines travel across the floor, vacuuming up dirt and dust, keeping things tidy. However, after some alterations from the meme community, these bots became badass killers. Luckily, after a murder, they always clean up any blood spills. These are 7 deadly Doombas:


Doomba 1.0

Slice to meet you.


Doomba 2.0

Time to clean up… the streets.


Doomba 3.0

This one’s gunning for ya!


Doomba 4.0

The cat part distracts you, the Roomba part sucks out your heart. [via]


Doomba 5.0

Designed by Ash Williams.


Doomba 6.0

Codename: Overkill


Doomba 7.0

This one makes me squeamish.


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