Matt Smith Commits To Another Season of ‘Doctor Who’

During Matt Smith's recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, he stated his belief that no one can play the Doctor for seven years like Tom Baker did because "it would age you too savagely." However, that doesn't mean that Smith is going anywhere anytime soon.

While speaking with The Sun, Smith confirmed that he will remain on "Doctor Who" into its eighth season; which has yet to formally announced or scheduled by the BBC. Smith also mentioned that it was "Doctor Who" showrunner, Steven Moffat who convinced him to stay for another season.

According to Smith, Moffat told him "Are you ready to cry?" before pitching him ideas for the eighth season. Smith added “It hasn’t been written yet but the idea is as brilliant and as mental as you’d expect from Steven. So there’s a lot to look forward to."

It's still unclear when "Doctor Who" season 8 will even air or go into production, but fall 2013 or early 2014 seem like strong possibilities. There is also rampant speculation about a stand alone special or specials that will celebrate the 50th anniversary of "Doctor Who," possibly with several returning cast members and former Doctors. Smith didn't confirm any of the rumors, but he did hint that Moffat has something planned.

“Steven will do something brilliant," said Smith. "He’ll do something grand or maybe something very simple but he’ll come to it as a fan. He’ll go, ‘What would I want to see?’”

“We want to do 50 years — and everyone that’s been associated with the show — justice," continued Smith. "We want to go, ‘Look, world, here is 'Doctor Who.' It’s 50 years old, a science-fiction show, still going and going from strength to strength.’"

"Doctor Who" season 7 will premiere on BBC America later this fall.