7 Backyard Roller Coasters

Why drive all the way out to a theme park and pay for admission, a cubby to store your stuff and over-priced hot dogs, when you can build a roller coaster in your backyard? If that sounds impossible, just check out these videos of folks who built their own rides and will never wait in a two-hour line again. Here are 7 backyard roller coasters:


Jeremy’s Roller Coaster

It sure as hell beats a gazebo.


Kid’s Roller Coaster

Why can’t every dad be this dad?


Minotaur Roller Coaster

The most dramatic backyard roller coaster ever.


Long Roller Coaster

I was hoping he’d bust through the fence at the end… and that’s when his journey would really begin.


Wildkart Backyard Roller Coaster

Please keep your hands and arms inside the tiny kart at all times.


Roller Coaster Made of Lounge Chairs

Seems stable.


Blue Flash Roller Coaster

Loops in the backyard? Now that’s living.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!