6 Videos of Hip-Hop Dressage

This year, many of us learned about dressage, the Olympic horse dancing competition that I still can’t believe exists. Ann Romney is competing for the gold in the London 2012 games, but the event needs even more to electrify audiences. May I suggest dressage to rap music? Here are 6 videos of hip-hop dressage:


Shake That Ass

I’m sure the rapper was thinking “horse ass” when he wrote that lyric.



Slow motion, fancy hat.


Heat It Up

Starts at :29 – This is the closest Bubba Sparkxxx will ever get to a dressage event.


Sexy Back

Dressage always gets me in the mood.


Ice Ice Baby

Stop, collabo-nayyyy and listen.


Get It Poppin’

If Nelly was in the running for a Dressage gold medal, I’d watch it.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!