7 Parodies of The Matrix

What if all of reality… was a computer simulation? What if the first movie of The Matrix trilogy was great… and the other ones were shitty? Actually, what if the animated one was good too… but that’s it? What if… Cornel Sanders? What if you watched 7 parodies of… The Matrix?


Matrix: Reloaded and Rewritten

Déjà vu, huh? … Déjà vu, huh?


Windows XP

Trust no one. Especially Clippy.


Sex In The City In The Matrix

Are you more of a Samantha or a Morpheus?


George Carlin as The Architect

There are 7 deadly words you can’t say in The Matrix: “Uh guys, this doesn’t make any sense.”


Drunk Driving A Matrix Helicopter

Helicopter driver? Yeah, he seems legit.


Dinner with Frenchie



MTV Movie Awards

We must be in weird sci-fi universe, cause Andy Dick’s pretty funny!


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!