Comic Con 2012 Exclusive: Matt Damon Wants to Return for Bourne 5


With The Bourne Legacy weeks away from release, rumors already have it that Universal hopes to team up their original Jason Bourne with their new spinoff character. A fifth Bourne would presumably have Matt Damon fighting alongside Jeremy Renner, whose new character is introduced in Legacy.

Matt Damon was at San Diego Comic-Con with his sci-film Elysium. After a press conference (they also presented the stars and some footage in Hall H), we went up to Damon and asked him if he’s really interested in returning to Bourne. Since The Bourne Ultimatum, he’s maintained in interviews that there was nowhere left to go with the character, and he wouldn’t do another film without director Paul Greengrass.

It seems he’s changed his mind. “Look, I’ve been interested in doing another one for five years,” Damon said. “We just can’t figure out the script.”

If development is already underway now, it seems like someone has an idea. But surely they had ideas for Bourne 4 and couldn’t get Damon on board. Maybe fifth time’s the charm.

“I’m up for it, but again it’s all about the script,” Damon said. "It’s got to be a good one.”

Greengrass was developing a Fantastic Voyage remake for producer James Cameron. He’s most recently directed Captain Phillips, about the captain whose crew faced Somali pirates in 2009. Would he have dibs on Bourne 5 or would Tony Gilroy, who directed Legacy, get the ultimate Bourne team-up?

The Bourne Legacy opens August 10. We’ll have more news on Elysium from Comic-Con, including a video interview with Damon’s Elysium costar Jodie Foster.