Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive: Joseph Gordon-Levitt NOT Doing Little Shop of Horrors Remake


When we heard in May that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was attached to a new version of Little Shop of Horrors, it raised a lot of questions. Are they going to just CGI the Audrey II plant and would he possibly cast Summer herself, Zooey Deschanel as Audrey so they could sing the “Suddenly Seymour” duet together?

We were prepared to ask all those questions and more when we saw Gordon-Levitt at Comic-Con. After a press conference for Looper, which also presented talent and footage in Hall H, we approached Gordon-Levitt on his way out of the room. However, before we could finish telling him we were excited he’s attached to Little Shop, he corrected us.

“Oh, I’m not,” Gordon-Levitt said, adding, and here’s the kicker, “I never was.”

There were a lot of news stories about Joseph Gordon-Levitt attached to Little Shop of Horrors on May 3. Now it’s July and this is the first we’re hearing that he’s not. Does this mean there’s still a remake with someone else? Was Gordon-Levitt on the wish list?

As he was pulled away to his next engagement, we expressed our disappointment. We saw Gordon-Levitt dance when he hosted “Saturday Night Live” (and in Inception pretty much) so he would’ve made a good Seymour. At least he appreciated that.

“Thanks, thanks,’ Gordon-Levitt said. “Cheers, thanks a lot.”

CraveOnline will be back with more on Little Shop of Horrors after this total eclipse of the sun.