7 Parodies of The “Friends” Opening

So no one told you there were parodies online / Along with the mashups now your workday will be fine / There’s a certain sitcom song we like to sing / Here are 7 funny versions of the Friends opening:


No Friends

Thursdays in the 90s are about to get a little darker.


Avengers Version

The monkey can be Hit-Monkey.


Richard Cheese Version

When he sings “I’ll be there for you” this way, I really believe him.


Game of Thrones Version

This show looks so fun and goofy. I’m sure no one gets murdered.



I have a sudden urge to never buy ad time on Nick At Nite?


LOST Version

I’ll be there for you… waiting in that area.


Friends – A XXX Parody

Yes, but will these friends have sex with each other?


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