Worth Watching: Harry Potter 10 Years Later

Pop culture parody has a special place in my heart. By virtue of being part of the “popular” culture, the stories contained therein are so well known to us, anyone who takes one of these heralded characters and epics and explores them further, especially in a funny way,  makes them a hero in my opinion. This is especially true of “Harry Potter and the 10 Years Later,” a new gem debuting on July 20th from Furious Molecules that examines what happens when our favorite childhood wizard has to deal with a post-Hogwarts life. Here’s the trailer to give you an idea:


 The story is very adult (if the neigh-orgasmic Ginny Weasley Potter in the Trailer didn’t give you the hint) both in that it’s not for children and that it deals with the most annoying aspect of being grown up… life, boring old life. Harry doesn’t have dark wizards to fight anymore, but he does have to maintain his marriage and try to find some of the fun he had in his youth. For a population that grew up with these films and are themselves just starting to move out, get a job, and have a life, this couldn’t be better designed.

The cast consists of newcomers (though two appeared in the short film Perv: The Cat), but are pitch perfect in the roles assigned them. There is something VERY right about Dana DeRuyck as a short haired, slowly un-repressing Hermione Granger who seems (in the trailer) to be liquoring up Harry to take advantage of him. Ron is cast well too, somehow reminiscent of Brian, the slacker and one of the main characters  in the hit musical “Avenue Q.” It’s funny and it’s good work. We look forward to sharing even more laughs with this series as it progresses into the inevitable sequel “Harry Potter and the Diminishing 401k.

Furious Molecules has a website here: http://www.furiousmolecules.com/

Keep an eye on their YouTube channel for the series premiere on the 20th: http://www.youtube.com/user/FuriousMolecules

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(Side note:  My podcasting and comedy partner Tim Powers has a weak spot for the cast of the popular Archie comics.  The following pop culture parody video caused his first heart attack: )